Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jim Rickards on the Fed, helicopter money, and Chinese devaluation

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jim Rickards - The Coming Super Spike in Gold

I consider gold a form of money. That means I investigate price movements in gold the same way I investigate moves in any other global currency — and find the best way for you to play it.

Right now, if you understand physical gold flows, you could stand to make a fortune in the months and years ahead.

Last June, I visited Zurich and was able to meet with some of the most knowledgeable experts and insiders in the physical gold industry. In March, I visited Lugano where I met with the top executive of the world’s largest gold refinery. As a result of these visits to Switzerland, and other points of contact, I have been able to gather extensive information on the major buyers and sellers of gold bullion in the world and the exact flows of physical gold.

This information about gold flows is critical to understanding what will happen next to the price of gold. The reason is that the price of gold is largely determined in “paper gold” markets, such as Comex gold futures and gold ETFs. These paper gold contracts represent 100 times (or more) the amount of physical gold available to settle those contracts.

As long as paper gold contracts are rolled over or settled for paper money, then the system works fine. But, as soon as paper gold contract holders demand physical gold in settlement, they will be shocked to discover there’s not nearly enough physical gold to go around.

At that point, there will be panicked buying of gold. The price of gold will skyrocket by thousands of dollars per ounce. Gold mining stocks will increase in value by ten times or more. Paper gold sellers will move to shut down the futures exchange and terminate paper gold contacts because they cannot possibly honor their promises to deliver gold.

The key to seeing this gold-buying panic in advance is to follow the flows of physical gold. Once the price of physical gold starts to move up on basic supply and demand fundamentals, the stage is set for corresponding increases in paper gold prices. As more and more paper gold holders turn from the paper market to obtain physical gold, which is already in short supply in the physical market, we’ll see the beginning of a price super-spike.

As long as supply and demand for physical gold are in rough equilibrium, there is no catalyst for a sudden spike in gold prices, apart from the usual geopolitical flight to quality demand. But, as soon as demand begins to overwhelm supply, then it’s “game on” for significantly higher physical gold prices followed by the toppling of the inverted pyramid of paper gold contracts.

What information do we have about the flows of physical gold that will help us to understand the supply/demand situation? That’s a mixed bag. Some physical gold players are completely opaque and do not report their purchases or holdings transparently. The Chinese and Saudi Arabians are the least transparent when it comes to reporting their gold market activities.

On the other hand, the Swiss are highly transparent. The Swiss report gold imports and exports by source and destination on a monthly basis.

The Swiss information gives us a window on the world. That’s because Swiss imports and exports are mostly about the Swiss refining business, which is the largest in the world. There are no major gold mines in Switzerland and Swiss citizens are not known as major buyers of gold (unlike, say, Chinese or Indian citizens). The Swiss watch industry does use a lot of gold, but imports are balanced out by exports; Switzerland itself is not a major destination for Swiss watches.

In effect, Switzerland is a conduit for much of the gold in the world. Gold arrives in Switzerland as 400-ounce good delivery bars (the kind I’m holding in the photo above), dorĂ© bars (those are 80% pure ingots from gold miners), and “scrap” (that’s the term for jewelry and other recycled gold objects).

This gold is then melted down and refined mostly into 99.99% pure 1-kilo gold bars, worth about $45,000 each at current market prices. These 1-kilo “four nines” quality bars are the new global standard and are the ones most favored by the Chinese.

By examining Swiss imports and exports, we can see where the supply and demand for physical gold is coming from and how close to balance (or imbalance) that supply and demand is. This information can help us to forecast the coming super-spike in gold prices.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jim Rickards and Egon von Greyerz discuss $10,000 gold

In this 18 minutes video, recorded in a Swiss vault, Jim and Egon cover many vital factors that investors must be aware of to protect themselves against the major risks in the financial system..
Among the topics covered are:

- Why gold will reach at least $10,000
- The timing of gold’s rapid rise
- The significance of gold exports from the UK to Switzerland
- Swiss banks in breach of contract
- Central banks and gold
- The importance of silver
- How to buy gold and silver
- Hyperinflation and velocity of money
- China and gold
- The End Game

Monday, September 19, 2016

Reveals IMF World Currency Crash Conspiracy, We Need Gold Standard

Jim Rickards breaks down why he recommends at least 10% of your wealth be placed in gold. He sees an international break down coming in the future and says your kidding yourself if you don't think it could happen here!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Keiser Report: Gold & World’s Debt Problems

In this special episode of the 2016 Summer Solutions series of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy talk to Jim Rickards, author of The New Case for Gold, about gold as a solution to the world’s debt problems. They also discuss the solution that the leading global powers will present: rolling up the world’s bad debt into the Special Drawing Rights (SDR), which is why China has been buying SDRs on the market.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jim Rickards & Peter Schiff Discuss US Dollar, Gold Markets, Bitcoin

The financial guru Jim Rickards sits down with another titan in the industry, Peter Schiff. The two discuss gold, bitcoin and the irrational decisions that Western leaders are making. How is all this going to play out in the coming collapse that both analyst see coming?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Dynamics are in Place for $10000 Gold

"What impresses me is that gold going up immediately after the Brexit vote, or gold going up a little bit after the Turkey coup, that you can understand. Those are kind of flight to quality, fear-trade reactions. But gold didn’t go down a lot when those things were overIt’s got a very good foundation – kind of around the $1,330 level, so it seems poised to go up a lot from here.

I’ve got gold going to $10,000 now. So, I’m the guy with the highest price target out thereIt could be a matter of weeks or a matter of years. This is one of these avalanche type event things. You don’t know when the snowflakes are going to hit. It’s going to be a change in psychology, a panic reaction, and it will happen very quicklyit could be a five-year play or it could be a one-year play depending on circumstances. I don’t really want to get into the timing of it except that the dynamic is set up for $10,000 gold. As far as a $1,450 price target, yeah it’s got to pass $1,450 on the way to $10,000.”

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jim Rickards Weighs in on Brexit and The Possibility of Economic Collapse

Jim Rickards breaks down Brexit and how it is going to affect the global economies. He talks about how the elites have become completely out of touch with the world. What is going to happen next? Watch the video to learn more.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Jim Rickards Talks About Economic Collapse

Jim Rickards discusses how gold is both money and a commodity. It has unique properties that are going to make it a key holding in the coming uncertainty that the global economy is going to face. Gold has three characteristics that make it a must have asset. Listen to learn more.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We Are in a Historical Intense Economic Period

Jim Rickards discusses the ongoing events unfolding in the global battle known as the currency wars. China is slowing down and it is going to bring everyone down with it. We are an incredibly intense economic period that could set the world spinning. Listen for Jim Rickards latest take on where he see's the world heading.

Friday, August 12, 2016

SDR's to Be Ushered In By Elites During the Next Economic Collapse

In this special episode of the 2016 Summer Solutions series of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy talk to Jim Rickards, author of The New Case for Gold, about gold as a solution to the world’s debt problems. They also discuss the solution that the leading global powers will present: rolling up the world’s bad debt into the Special Drawing Rights (SDR), which is why China has been buying SDRs on the market.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gold Shows Impressive Resilience

Jim Rickards, "The New Case for Gold" author makes a bullish case for gold and is keeping an eye on key levels for silver.